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Daniel Diaz
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NEW 2018: New release coming, a compilation of the themes I like from my experimental and film/TV work from 2016-2018 release 1st December 2018, Invisible Soundtracks Vol 1 & 2
NEW2019 New neoclassical naïf suite "The Long One"

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Daniel DIAZ is an Argentinean multi-instrumentalist, arranger, and composer. He developed a 25+ year career as a performing and session musician, arranger, producer and musical director in styles ranging from jazz and rock, to experimental electronic music, tango and other styles of Latin American music.

As a solo artist, from 1995 to the present he recorded some18 instrumental albums, 3 EPs and many  singles, released independently but also by prestigious labels in the US and Europe. His online catalog (Spotify, Apple, etc) includes, as on April 2019, 478 compositions, recorded solo or in collaboration.

Since 2005 he composes and records for films, TV and documentaries. Over 550 of his production music compositions (films-TV) are present on some of the most prestigious publishers and music libraries in the world.

In this page you can find links to his Bio, a complete discography and music samples in streaming.

featured track:

Otono y Martes by Daniel Diaz from "Swan Song" 2015



Solo albums: Swan Song | electronica sensible | Themes | Musique Mécanique | LOW | DDTrio | Maquina Blanda | Segundo Ciclo | The Years Alone
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 Daniel Diaz

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New single released 31st January 2019





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