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Maquina Blanda

Maquina Blanda
Songs from the past, 1995-2010.
Unused masters, jams, covers.
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Daniel Diaz / Maquina Blanda

Performed by:

Daniel Diaz:
Acoustic Bass Guitar, Fretless Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Rhodes.

Manuel Miranda: Flute, Quena.
Rik Hambra: Tabla, Percussion.
Gabriel Kirschenbaum: Acoustic Guitar.
Daniel Miguez: Drums.
Facundo Guevara: Percussion.
Osvaldo Burucua: Acoustic Guitar.
Santiago Vazquez: Tabla.
Julian Hojman: Tenor Sax.
Bobby Rangell: Flute, Alto Sax.
Javier Estrella: Drums.
Nico Arnicho: Percussion.

Produced and Arranged by Daniel Díaz

G(C)&(P) 2012 DedeLand Music Co, BMI
Recorded in:
Buenos Aires, Argentina between May, 1995 and August, 1997
Paris, France between March, 2005 and December, 2010
Lima, Peru between November, 2010 and March, 2011.


 Track List :

01> KARMA 3 (Daniel Diaz) 6:05
Manuel Miranda: Flute.
Daniel Diaz: Acoustic Bass Guitar.
Rikhi Hambra : Tabla, Percussion.

02> DOS AÑOS (Daniel Díaz) 6:00
Manuel Miranda: Flute.
Daniel Diaz: Fretless Bass.
Gabriel Kirschenbaum: Acoustic Guitar.
Daniel Miguez: Drums.
Santiago Vazquez Tabla.

03> PATAGONIA 1 (Daniel Díaz) 2:24
Manuel Miranda: Quenacho.
Daniel Díaz: Acoustic Bass Guitar, Percussion.

04> PATAGONIA 2 (Daniel Díaz) 2:36
Manuel Miranda: Quenacho.
Daniel Díaz: Acoustic Bass Guitar, Percussion.

08> ANGEL (Jimi Hendrix) 7:56
Daniel Miguez: Drums.
Daniel Díaz: Acoustic Bass Guitar, Percussion.
Gabriel Kirschenbaum: Acoustic Guitar.
Julian Hojman: Tenor Sax.

07> VIEJO PALERMO VIEJO (Daniel Díaz) 3:19
Manuel Miranda: Flute.
Daniel Díaz: Acoustic Bass Guitar, Percussion.


DOS OCEANOS (Daniel Díaz) 6:42
Daniel Díaz: Solo Acoustic Bass Guitar. Field recording: the sea @ Villa Gesell circa 1995.
06> Part 1: Gaviotas 3:22
07> Part 2 : Océanos 3:20

08> WINTER CODA (ZAMBITA) (Daniel Díaz) 7:28
Bobby Rangell: Alto Sax.
Daniel Díaz: Acoustic Bass Guitar.
Nico Arnicho: Percussion.

09> UMBRAL ( Luis Alberto Spinetta) 6:28
Manuel Miranda: Flutes.
Daniel Díaz: Acoustic Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion

10> TOO LATE CANDOMBE (Daniel Díaz) 5:21
Daniel Díaz: Fretless Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Rhodes.
Bobby Rangell: Flute.
Javier Estrella : Drums.

11> SAMBA DE ORLY (Chico Buarque & Toquinho) 5:21
Daniel Díaz: Acoustic Bass Guitar.
Gabriel Kirschenbaum: Acoustic Guitar.
Facundo Guevara : Percussion.

12> EXPRESO NOVA (Daniel Díaz) 3:14
Daniel Díaz: Acoustic Bass Guitar, Percussion
Osvaldo Burucua: Acoustic Guitar.
Rikhi Hambra : Tabla.
Manuel Miranda: Quena.

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Total Time 64:16
(C)&(P) 2012 DedeLand Music Co, BMI

Recorded in:
Buenos Aires, Argentina between May, 1995 and August, 1997
Paris, France between March, 2005 and December, 2010
Lima, Peru between November, 2010 and March, 2011.

for Information and Contact:
DedeLand Music Co.
Tel: + 33 (0) 1 43 26 55 36
Email: info@dedeland.com


Liner Notes

Liner Notes / Songs from the past

This is another batch of “un-used” songs, jams, covers and leftovers, a companion of my CD “Maquina Dura” released in 2000. After 15 years of recording in my home studio, by 2000, two official albums have been released: 1993 The Years Alone and 1997 Segundo Ciclo.
But so many recordings have been made in my Pleasure Dome Studios during those creative and formative “Years Alone” in Buenos Aires that I decided to put together two collections of leftovers: one electric (Maquina Dura) the other mostly acoustic. Both include leftovers, studio jams and cover versions.

The electric side was easy to put together. It featured tracks that, for artistic and “quality” issues, didn’t make it to the official CD’s track list. But the acoustic CD featured some tracks that couldn’t be considered leftovers. Tracks that were actually in the song list for Segundo Ciclo, recorded during those sessions, but dropped at the last moment because I decided to make a whole acoustic CD immediately after Segundo Ciclo.
“Maquina Blanda” was my live act and it was all-acoustic (acoustic guitar and basses, tabla and small percussion, flutes). The idea was to drop the “Maquina Blanda” songs form Segundo Ciclo and expand them to form a full length CD for a release by 1997-1998. Then I moved to France and that release never happened, so those tracks remained in the vault for 15 years. I was enamoured with those recordings (my very last full analogue-open-reel masters) and decided not to mix them with some “light weight” jams and demos, and save them for an eventual formal release.

In 2005 I reloaded that project, its concept, sound and repertoire for my trio with Javier Estrella and Bobby Rangell. We went to the studio to complete Maquina Blanda (the album) but eventually we made a full length CD with new recordings (including a couple of revamped tracks from The Maquina Blanda project) and that was it.
That's how some of my favourite recorded songs remained inexplicably unreleased.

Then in 2010 a commission for acoustic recordings got me to work again with Manuel Miranda (full member of the original Maquina Blanda) and the idea of completing that collection was again in my head. I asked him to record two tracks I had written for Maquina Blanda back in 1995 (Patagonia 1 and 2) and a new track in the same style that was an ode to the old neighbourhood where we both used to live, play and hang out in Buenos Aires on during those years: “Viejo Palermo Viejo”. With these three tracks recorded with Manuel in Lima, now the whole project came full circle.

From the original 1996 track list including “Jams, Covers and Leftovers” just one studio jam and two covers remains, all tracks that we had been playing live and considering for release by then. The rest of the informal, spontaneous jams are replaced by formal recordings of acoustic, spare originals.

Now here it is to you (and to me) Maquina Blanda, almost as I intended to be 15 years ago.

It includes:

> Karma 3, Dos Años, two of my personal favourite songs: I played both live quite a lot in the past. Performed live during rehearsals in Palemro Viejo, Buenos Aires in 1995. Originally both songs marked the template of the Maquina Blanda project both live and on the records: stripped down trio recordings, all acoustic. While Karma 3 remained like this original take in the subsequent live renditions (here featuring Manuel Miranda on Flute, Rik Hambra on Tabla and myself on Acoustic Bass Guitar) Dos Años was reworked as a quintet recording for Segundo Ciclo (thus the presence of electric fretless bass). A trio version was included in the original Maquina Blanda track list, and in 2011 Norberto Pedreira Trio recorded a new trio version of this song (CD “A La Vida” (C)NordSud 2012).
> Patagonia 1, Patagonia 2, Viejo Palermo Viejo. Recorded in 2010 between Lima and Paris with Manuel on Quenacho, D.D. on Acoustic Bass Guitar & Percussion Patagonias composed in 1995, Viejo Palermo composed in 2011.
> Dos Oceanos (Gaviotas+Océanos). Two pieces blended together, Solo Acoustic Bass Guitar over a field recording of the sea @ Villa Gesell, Argentina Circa 1995. My first recording on my lovely Larrivée acoustic bass guitar.
> Angel, Umbral. Two covers that remained on the list, because I love both songs and performances. Angel is from the same 1995 sessions as Dos Años, while Umbral was recorded in the same period, but alone with Manuel. Although I can’t get the weird outro now (I was really into those rhythmic shifts back then) I still include it as a hail to its composer, the late great Luis Alberto Spinetta, who passed away in January 2012.
> Winter Coda (Zambita), Too Late Candombe, two more recent recordings (circa 2005’s sessions for my trio CD Lugar Comun). “Too Late” is a very old composition (‘88-‘89) and Zambita is from a commission session with Bobby and Nico Arnicho in Paris.
> Samba De Orly, the only real jam session included here, cause I love both this song and its laid back, casual performance, with my house’s room sound very present in the mix. Featuring Gabriel Kirschenbaum (Acoustic Guitar) and Facundo Guevara (Percussion), two very active live companions of the time.
> Expreso Nova, dedicated to the rock band of the same name, composed in 1988 when I left the group, recorded during the original Maquina Blanda sessions, but with guest Osvaldo Burucua on guitar. Great Quena solo to end this collection.

dd, Paris, March 2012









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Y nada de eso importa. El resignado
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