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Talents Cannes Adami 2012 – Bande-annonce par ADAMI
This trailer's music composed and performed  by Daniel Diaz    

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Daniel Diaz (composer/producer):     full Bio
Besides his extensive work for some of the world's finest Music Libraries, Daniel Diaz composes on demand for films and TV.
He works in Paris, France in his recording studio where he records, edits, and mixes his own projects and other clients music. He uses his mobile studio to capture sounds while travelling around the world. This gives him autonomy and a fast response to special request/commissions.

Daniel Diaz talents as a multi-instrumentalist allows him to create rich compositions as stand alone musician, performing: acoustic piano, acoustic and electric guitars and basses, upright bass (pizz and bowed), synthesizers, programming, ukelele, charango, harmonium, hang (hand pan), percussion, accordina, melodica, some indian flutes.
He use to call additional musicians from his roster in Paris, USA, Spain and Argentina, to perform woodwinds, drums, cello, violin, accordion, bandoneon, trumpet and others.



Production music, thematic playlist @ Soundcloud:







> Daniel Diaz's compositions have been used on:

French TV:
TF1, France 2, France 3, Canal+, Metroploe Six, M6 , Arte, France 5.

French Radio:  RFI.

Narcos (Netflix)
Ozark (Netflix)
Madame Secretary (CBS)
Get SHorty (Epix)

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown (Netflix)

PBS (Mind Of A Chef, Chautauqua - An American Narrative, Frontline,
ABC (Draft Academy, NBA countdown),
CNN (Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, CNN Specials), Comedy Central,
CBS (Scorpion), IFC (Independient Film), MTV, National Geographic, Smithsonian Channel, Discovery Channel, ID Discovery, Esquire Network, Cooking Channel, NBC, TRUTV, TLC, TNT, CNBC, VH1, Velocity .

Canada, TV:
Pret A Sortir (episode 108)

RS (Against The Odds, Game Show, Discovery, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, CBS Network, NBC Network),
Sex in the World Cities.

Brasil TV:
Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, Arts and Entertainment, national Geographic, Learning, TRUTV, Comedy Central Broadcast
Discovery Civilization Broadcast

Mexico TV:
 Cartoon Network,  Discovery Civilization Broadcast

Other Latin America TV:
 Cartoon Network,  Discovery, Fox Sport, National Geographic

La Route en Patagonie (2008),
Dans Les Canaux des Pionniers (2009),
Une chanson dans la tête (2008).
Quitte ou Double (A.Coffre, 2012 Festival de Cannes)
Les Heritiers du Bonnet Rouge (2015 Belgique)
Le guerrier blanc du peuple Jivaro (France 2013)
Naturopolis - New York (France/Germany 2013)
Hotel Turismo (2015 Italia)
Reve de Randonnée (France 2015)
Citadelle de l'Adriatique (France 2015)
En Mode Rio(France 2015)
 J'aimerais Vous Y Voir  (France 2015)
Lui, Annees Erotiques (France 2015)
Il Etait Une Fois Thalassa (France 2015)
Duel Aubry-Royal (France 2016)
Reve de Randonnée Trièves de plaisanterie (France 2016)
Christian Dior, l'élégance du paradis perdu (France 2016)
La météo devient folle... ce que ça va changer pour nous (France 2016)
AMOS, Capturer l'impossible (France 2016)
Poisson : élevage en eau trouble (France 2016)
La voiture qui nous rend fou (France 2016)
La face cachée de Google (France 2016)
 The Journey Of Food / The Making Of The Mediterranean Diet (Greece 2017)
Wild Shenzen (China 2017)
Ils Vont Arreter La Bombe (France 2017)
ASEAN Death Penalty (Belgium 2017)
 Pedophilie dans l'Eglise : le poids du silence (France 2017)
La folie du loto (France 2017)
Avortement (France 2017)
 Les trésors des Vignobles français (France 2017)
 Les Trésors de la Haute Couture(France 2017)
ASH INVESTIGATION Razzia sur le bois (France 2017)
Hôpital Pour Enfants (France 2017)
 La baie des cauchemars (France 2017)
Wolf In Sheep S Clothing (USA 2017)
Juan Likes Rice And Chicken (USA 2017)
Cuba Island of Baseball (USA 2017)


etc etc


Production Music / Sound Design:
You can find (and license several) other D.D.'s compositions on these international publisher's catalogues and music libraries:

Cezame Music Agency


Sonoton GmbH

Omnimusic (USA)

Music Vine (UK)







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