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Musique Mécanique

Musique Mecanique by Daniel Diaz (release 2010 DedeLand Music)

ORDER Worldwide:
Bandcamp/Standard Edition
DedeLand/Limited Edition
CD Baby/Standard Edition

Released December 10, 2010 @  DedeLand Music's Web Shop.
Standard edition (CD & Download)  available worldwide
from january 2011 (Amazon, cdbaby, itunes, etc)

 Two editions, both eco-friendly (no plastic)  available:

listen / CD en écoute:

Liner notes here
video here
buy  Standard Edition here
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Instruments Used, here

+ Standard Edition:  14 tracks, Musique Mécanique "Vinyl Style" CD, Cardboard wallet, 4 page booklet.
+ 320 kbps Download

+ Limited Edition: Triple Vinyl style CD + bonus content.
(packed on a beautiful signed and numbered box created by sergio pittaluga and d.d).
Box Set content:
-Musique Mécanique 14 track CD
-Musique Mécanique Bonus Tracks CD (13 tracks)
-Lärmkunst 20 track CD (music&noise)
(more lärmkunst info here)
-Poster by Sergio Pittaluga, with full information and liner notes. 372x248 mm
-Poster "Musique Mécanique architectonics" by Arq. Gustav O. Zepol.372x248mm
-Musique Mécanique's useless trinkets: 4 stickers, 2 badges, 2 postcards
-Musique Mécanique's useful trinkets: 2 guitar picks.

Musique Mécanique:
electronic sounding music (and music inspired by electronica) performed using instruments and objects that produce sounds by mechanical means.

Absolutely no synthesizers nor samplers used.





standard edition full CD streaming is no longer available, please check out excerpts here: 

Musique Mecanique (Standard CD Edition) by Daniel Diaz

  USA  customers: BUY "Musique Mecanique" at CDBABY


Daniel Diaz: Musique Mecanique


BUY NOW!! paypal
12 € + shipping/frais d'envoi

CD available Vinyl Style CD with  eco-friendly cardboard sleeve and 4 page insert.
This is the original december  2010 release.




Some "instruments" used on Musique Mécanique:
acoustic piano, contrabass, acoustic and electric guitars and basses, charango, harmonica, bamboo flutes, knives, knife-sharpener, bamboo sticks, thermos (inox), lamp (steel), mallets and  brushes, trash lid, wine glasses, and other objects.






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La rue sexuelle s’anime
le long de faces mal venues,
les cafés pepiant de crimes
deracinent les avenues.

Des mains de sexe brûlent les poches
et les ventres bouent par-dessous;
toutes les pensees s’entrechoquent,
et les tetes moins que les trous.