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Themes by DD
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Themes  by Daniel Diaz  (release 2013DedeLand Music )               Track List

  Download digital album:

Worldwide  http://danieldiaz.bandcamp.com/album/themes


Themes is an album that compiles some music I composed and recorded for different audio-visual projects (theater, music libraries, documentaries, TV).  20 tracks have been released in 2013.

These compositions are instrumental songs, like old-style themes, with chord changes and melodies.
Some are commissions, some others are compositions I was keeping for an eventual solo record (that I’ve just started recording, more here), but instead of reworking them I decided to recoup all these tracks in this new collection because I really like the actual themes as they are. No focus on development or performance here (solos, introductions, codas, improvisation) like I used to do in my albums, I decided to keep the bare song, in many cases just the melody exposition.

Just plain themes.

Free streaming is  available on Bandcamp for 16 tracks; 4 tracks are hidden but included as bonus tracks for any full album download.

Thanks, love

DD, Paris, 2013.


I you would like to be informed of this release or other DD activities, please join my mailing list in the field here or (simpler) do send an email to info@dedeland.com with MAILING LIST in the subject field. Thanks for your interest and support.



1> Melancolia   3:35
piano, up.bass, classical guitar.
feat: Aude Brasseur: cellos

2> Nostalgia     3:14
piano, melodica, classical guitar, delays

3> The Immigrants   3:53
Electric Guitar, up.bass, delays.
feat: Dave Lewis: Flugelhorn

4> The Immigrants (Alt.Vers.)  3:29
piano, up.bass, drums.
feat: Dave Lewis: Flugelhorn

5> Vignette Vininha  2:06
classical guitar, tape delays and filters

6> 4 Bagatelles N°4  3:00
piano, up.bass, treatments.
feat: Damien Jarry: cello

7> Love Theme N°3  2:11
piano, up.bass, accordina, strings, oboe, clarintet.

8> Love Theme N°2 3:34
piano, classical guitar, melodica, , treatments.

9> Virgilio & The Duke  2:34

10> Bagatelle N° 1.1  2:03
Daniel Diaz: rhodes, up.bass, electronica
featuring David Lewis: flugel horn,

11> Bagatelle N° 1.3  0:56
featuring David Lewis
2 Muted Trumpets, Trombone, French Horn, 2 Flutes, Solo Trumpet

12> Ansioso  1:25
acoustic piano, acoustic guitar, melodica, electric guitar, upright bass, xylophone.

13> Le Temps Perdu  2:26
upright piano, melodica, upright bass, steel string requinto..

14> Dive At Dawn  3:21
Fender Rhodes, Acoustic Bass Guitar, Accordina, Talking Drum, Percussion.

15> El Manzanero  3:12
Inor Sotolongo (Cuba): perussion.
Line Kruse (Danemark): violin.
Pajaro Canzani (Uruguay): Tiple
Daniel Diaz (Argentina): piano, upright bass.

16> El Pasional  3:17
Inor Sotolongo (Cuba): perussion.
Line Kruse (Danemark): violin.
Pajaro Canzani (Uruguay): guitar
Daniel Diaz (Argentina): piano, upright bass.

17> Bagatelle Numero 5.1   2:16
Daniel Diaz: Upright Bass, delays & filters.
Dave Lewis: Flugel Horn.

18> Bagatelle Numero 5.2  2:34
Daniel Diaz: Upright Bass, Piano, delays & filters.
Dave Lewis: Muted trumpet.

19> Bagatelle Numero 5.3  2:44
Daniel Diaz: Bowed upright bass, treated fender rhodes, electronica, delays & filters.
Dave Lewis: Trumpet.

20> Song For Lisa 3:34
acoustic bass.guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, accordina, percussion.





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"Mis palabras llovieron sobre ti acariciándote.
Amé desde hace tiempo tu cuerpo de nácar soleado.
Hasta te creo dueña del universo.
Te traeré de las montañas flores alegres, copihues,
avellanas oscuras, y cestas silvestres de besos.
Quiero hacer contigo
lo que la primavera hace con los cerezos." P.N.